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Budgeting for a theatre show?

I’ve been the Finance Manager for theatres for 7+ years: I know there are so many different moving parts in a theatre production, and budgeting for it is all but straightforward.


Steal my tried and true theatre show template that will help you forecast your income, estimate your expenditure, track your show-related transactions by category, and estimate your Theatre Tax Relief (relevant for UK companies).

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A PDF with the link to the Theatre Production Budget Temaplate on Google Sheets, which you can make a copy of and save as many times as you want.

  • A video tutorial explaining exactly how to use the template and make the most out of it

  • A topsheet where you can create the budget, make notes, and see the actuals vs budget for each category

  • Customisable income and expenditure categories and currency

  • A transaction tracking tab, where you can categorise each expense and income transaction which will automatically sum up in the topsheet

  • A Theatre Tax Relief esitmation tab, where you can track the eligible transactions for your TTR claim (relevant for UK companies)

  • Full Theatre Production Example is provided within the spreadsheet

The lovely benefits:

  • Manage the finances of your show without hiring a bookkeeper

  • Estimate your Theatre Tax Relief amount without needing an accountant

  • Easily track all transactions and immediately see actual income and spend against budget

  • The example provided will help you understand if you’re missing anything!

  • Choose your own currency

  • Easily forecast box office income with just ticket prices and target capacity (also calculates box office split)

  • Works for productions of any scale

This template will save you hours of time and give you 100% control over your theatre production budget

Grab my theatre show template for only £19 (value: £79) and head straight into production with your show finances fully in order!

Hi there, it’s Susie! 📈👩🏻‍💻💛

I am a creative finance person. Or… I am a finance person who’s creative. Basically, I am the missing link between creative people and accounting!

I believe that financial literacy will set your creativity free. With me, you can learn to take sound financial decisions for yourself and your business, instead of curling up into a ball whenever money enters the room.

I have 15 years of experience in finance departments and senior teams in theatres and charities, and have in-depth and applied knowledge about finance for artists and creatives, whether they are self-employed, or run a small company.

As your Finance Fairy Godmother 💫 I will melt your money-related anxiety away and help you make friends with money (no need to be back by midnight).