An honest review of the online course: Dream Plan Do w/Clickup, by Mia Brox

Since deciding to launch this blog and make it my online business, I have been desperately seeking resources for me to learn how to make this website successful without being overwhelmed by the amount of information and work that goes into it.

You might think that running a blog is easy: you just need to write a few words per week and hit publish, how hard can it be?! Well, there is so much more to that, believe me. If you are determined to really be of service to your community while also turning over a profit, you have to undergo a tremendous amount of work. You will have to learn about keyword research and SEO optimisation, you will have to set up and manage a self-hosted website, you will have to write every single day, and you’ll have to plan plan plan. Pretty much 90% of the work that goes into an online business is planning the heck out of it. There are so many different components and steps and layers and strategies and workflows, that you simply can’t get away with just winging it.

For the past year, I have been educating myself on how to run a successful blog, while slowly sinking under the pressure of also having a 9-5 job and a freelance business. I was feeling overwhelmed and things were starting to get out of hand, slipping between the cracks and getting lost along the way. I felt like my brain was running out of space… that is, until I came across the Dream Plan Do w/Clickup course by Mia Brox.

This course flipped my workload the right way up, helped me completely streamline my work and plan ahead, and everything is now finally organised and all in one place.

Let me walk you through my honest review of Dream Plan Do w/Clickup: I will share what it is, what it does, and why you should get it for yourself.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

What is Dream Plan Do w/Clickup and who is Mia Brox?

Before I dive into the intricacies of the course, let me tell you about the wonderful Mia Brox.

Mia is a singer/musician, turned nine-to-fiver, turned online business owner. She started her blog called She Dreams All Day in 2018, and since then she managed to grow it into a successful business that supports introverted women grow their online presence and make their business dreams come true.

And also: she is an absolute sweetheart. When I came across her website, what really compelled me to hang around was her laid-back approach: she isn’t one of those “hustle and grind” business gurus that push you into an anxiety-driven frenzy of work and cold sales. On the contrary, one of her core keywords is “cozy”: the woman is incredibly chill, hangs out in her pajamas, and is an introvert herself. She caters to women like her, who want to have a good time while running a successful business, and want to still have time to enjoy a tranquil and soothing lifestyle.

Dream plan do with clickup

Mia comes across as kind, helpful, passionate about what she does, and genuinely keen to make a difference and be of service to her audience. Her style is really unique, as I was used to the “girlbosses” out there that have always been unrelatable to me: very harsh, too money oriented, self-aggrandising, and not enough focussed on the softer and holistic aspects of having a career.

As soon as I finished my deep dive on her website, I was hooked: I subscribed to Mia’s newsletter, and invested in her Cozy Business Academy programme she leads once a year, as I was determined to get my business to the next level and she is the perfect fit for who I need as a coach.

As part of the programme, she offers the Dream Plan Do course, which I completed within a week. The course is designed for women who want to organise and streamline the plan and vision for their business, and it teaches them how to use Clickup to do so. Clickup is a project management app, similar but not quite like others such as Trello and Asana. Clickup’s motto is “an app to replace them all”, which is why it is Mia’s preference for her business: there are limitless ways to use Clickup and it really does allow you to set up your workflow and business plans in a way that is both very effective and also aesthetically pleasing.

Here is what you can expect from the Dream Plan Do w/Clickup course.

Honest review of Dream Plan Do w/Clickup by Mia Brox

I’ll start by saying that this course is so much more than a Clickup tutorial. Clickup is just the software that Mia uses to organise and plan her business, but the course takes you through what is essentially her vision and business plan, and shows you the behind-the-scenes setup of Mia’s business and how she runs it successfully.

The course is set up as a series of videos made up of slides and screen recordings, where Mia transparently goes through her own Clickup setup, and shares tips and tricks for how to use Clickup to hold all the business’ departments ad areas of work.

Module 1

In module 1, Mia focusses on introducing Clickup: in her videos she goes through the setup process for a new account, and shares the main features of the app, showing its potential, and the basics of what she uses on a day-to-day basis.

She also shares a step by step tutorial for how to use Canva to make the Clickup setup pretty and pleasing to the eye. At the beginning I thought this was a redundant step as I don’t have much of a designer eye and I tend to focus more on the practical and logistical aspects of the work.

However, I have changed my mind: making Clickup a pretty place to go to every singe day makes a massive difference. Just like your home, you want it to feel nice and cozy so that you can fully relax in it and make it your own. The same principle should apply to your Clickup hub: the better it looks, the more motivated and comfortable you are when you open it every singe day to get to work.

Having a pretty place where all your sh*t is organised is an important step when setting up your business’ infrastructure.

Module 2

Module 2 is where all the magic happens: in its lessons, Mia shows how she set up her own business areas within Clickup, and guides you through what she has created to organise her and her team’s tasks, to dos, and future plans.

Vision and Planning

In this lesson, Mia shares the Vision and Planning space in Clickup, where she essentially organises all the core focuses of the business: the branding, the target audience, the content strategy, the sales strategies, and ongoing regular tasks.

Marketing and Growth

This lesson is focused on Mia’s content plan for all the social media and content platforms she manages: she drills down into her Instragram and Tiktok content strategy, and shows how she specifically plans all of her posts and reels so that they align with the sales targets for the month. She shows the Clickup features she uses to make sure her content is diversified enough (eg: she never wants to make content about the same thing too often) and to create full checklists she can use as a template each time she creates content.


Mia dedicates a section to how she streamlines the inception, creation, launch, and post-launch phases of her offers and digital products. Mia has a number of staple online courses and training resources, and she shares how she organises and plan them from beginning to end.


Mia even has a section where she shows how she uses Clickup to dream up her personal goals and aspirations: she has sections for her to journal daily, and create vision boards for her ideal life with her family. She uses this section as a reminder to show up for herself as well as her business, and show herself some love.


The Dashboard feature on Clickup is super cool: Mia explains how to create a dashboard that can essentially embed tasks and goals that you have set up in other areas of clickup, creating an area designed for you to connect to your dream vision as well as have an overview of what tasks you need to perform on that day, and how far along you are with your targets or goals.

Templates and bonsues

Last (but not least!) Mia is so generous to share templates of her own: she shows how to import them in your Clickup, so that you can use them for your own business.

Module 3

The final module consolidates all the learnings by teaching tips for how to stick to your routine with Clickup, and she shares a daily vlog of hers showing exactly what she does on a daily basis to run her business, and how she uses her Clickup setup to do so.

My honest thoughts

I wholeheartedly recommend the course if you run a business that you want to take to the next level, and want to ensure you are fully equipped to organise and streamline all its areas as you do so.

I got a lot out of it: a tidy system to keep on top of all the different responsibilities I have, a streamlined process that helps me schedule my content across multiple platforms, plan next steps, set financial goals, and have a space to self-reflect and think about the big picture and over-arching direction of my business.

A note on project management apps: although Clickup is used as an example in this course, it is not mandatory to hop on board with it. Even if you do want to stick to other apps such as Asana or Trello, you can still use the course’s learnings to fully optimise how you use them.

The price is absolutely affordable: it is currently sold for $297 paid upfront, or 4 monthly instalments of £87 each. This is equivalent to less than $25 per month for a year, and you get lifetime access to the course and all its bonuses and benefits. This is great value, as what you get in return is basically a business plan, an insight into another successful business’ organisational framework, and a working hub setup you can start using immediately to achieve your goals and dreams. 

How to decide if Dream Plan Do w/Clickup by Mia Brox is for you

Of course, I have become a big ambassador of the Dream Plan Do w/Clickup course: I have been able to implement it from the get-go, and it has radically changed the way that I work for the better. No more disconnected post-its flying about, no more messy notes on my notebooks that I never go back to, no more to dos and tasks falling through the cracks, no more scrambling to set up plans I never follow through, and no more workload overwhelm.

Of course, this course isn’t for everyone and anyone. It might be overkill for those who don’t manage high volumes of work or wear many different hats.

This course has your name on it if any of the following statements resonate with you:

  • I run my own business or project
  • I want to upscale my business and want to make sure I know how to plan and organise it to the T
  • I have a hard time keeping on top of my tasks and hitting deadlines
  • I feel a sense of overwhelm and scatter-brain when it comes to planning and delivering my business’ programme and content
  • I want to see how someone else successfully runs their online business
  • I am too focussed on the day-to-day work and want to learn how to also have a big-picture vision and dream for the business
  • I want to learn a straightforward way to streamline all the different aspects of my work, keeping all of it on one place
  • I want to level up my knowledge of project management apps.

This course might be overkill if you:

  • Are already pretty organised with your business or work, and are happy with how your current system is working
  • Have a job where there aren’t many different areas, tasks, targets, and responsibilities you need to organise and streamline effectively

And there you have it! If you’re curious to know more, check out the Dream Plan Do w/Clickup course on Mia’s website.

I hope this review was helpful to all you lovely people who are ready to step up in their project management and business organisation game!

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This post was an honest review of the Dream Plan Do w/Clickup course by Mia Brox

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