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  • I can teach you how to set up your accounting system for your company or freelance business.
  • I can help you understand, prepare, and submit your Self Assessment tax return.
  • I can teach you what Theatre Tax Relief is, and help you prepare a claim for your theatre company.
  • I can help you prepare a budget and track your progress for your company or freelance business.
  • I can coach you into getting and staying on top of your personal finances, building your savings, and maximising your income.
  • I can help you understand what the best income model and pricing structure is for your company or freelance business.
  • I can help you set up appropriate financial procedures to ensure you are being compliant and that you have appropriate financial checks and bookkeeping processes.
  • I can train you and your staff to be financially literate and up to date with the financial and budget-related processes in place.
susie italiano contact

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